Am Freitag, den 03.03.23 haben die Klassen G8a, H9a und H9b Besuch einer Britischen Muttlersprachlerin bekommen, etwas über ihr Leben erfahren und sich mit ihr auf Englisch unterhalten. Die Klassen berichten von dieser Erfahrung:

On Friday, the third of March, we didn‘t have a normal English lesson. We had a special guest from England. A real British teacher visited us. She is 32 year old and told us about her hometown Bristol, in the South of the UK. Also, she told us about her family, sisters, brothers, pets and her future husband, as well as interesting facto about English schools (whether they are strict oder not), holidays and more things like food. We were very suprised that they eat so different food in the UK. Very different from German food. The presentation was very interesting and easy to listen to. She compared Germany and England and she did an interactive quiz about England with us. We also learnt about famous sports in the UK: Rugby, cricket and soccer.

(G8a) The teacher also asked us about German traditions, too. While we told her about Osterfeuer and Besenwerfen, she told us about the Cheese Rolling Race, where people chase a rolling cheese loaf down the hill. What a strange and weird tradition. (H9a,b) We also learnt something about the hot air balloon festival of Bristol where many colourful hot air balloons of all different shapes and sizes fly over Bristol and from which you have a wonderful view about the beautiful landscape.

All in all ,the lessons were very interesting because she told us a lot about England and the English life.You could really get a chance to take a look into the perspective from the people who live in England. The G8a would highly recommend not only to attend the Cheese Rolling Race but also to have a typical British teacher visit your class. So do the H9a and H9b, as it is really cool to talk to a native speaker as they say.

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05.08.2024 11:30 Uhr
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